Sunday, 15 May 2011

Beautiful Bride

Diana Ross once asked me to help for her makeup ad campaign project for Bazaar Indonesia. I always admire her work as a makeup artist, not because she came from the same city as me, but because she really can make an impeccable makeup. Bona Soetirto did the photo shoot that day and I really love the outcome picture. Beautiful!

Hijab style, why not?

This hijab project is for Nurzahra, a ready to wear moslem brand for women. At first, I wasn't sure that I could do some styling for moslem women. But as I discussed more about the key pieces, do's and don't, and also the image of the brand with Windri (one of Nurzahra owner),I grew confident about it. By the way, I loveeee layering, and this kind of styling project make it possible ;). Luki did amazing with the shoot, as I remembered he was sick that day. Andhika help a lot, checked out the location and all the itsy-bitsy preparation for the shoot with mas "bro". Yoga, the makeup artist, made our day by kept joking about so many things so we didn't even felt worry when the rain didn't stop that day. And I also remembered how sweet Matt was, prepared some tea for the client :)

Sunday, 17 April 2011

How I Love My Room

I kinda like this advertorial shoot for Instyle Magazine, because it took place in my bedroom. Well... I really love my bedroom :) Rizky Budiarto took this pic while I did the styling with my lovely assistant Eddy Komala. Have I mention that he is one of the great assistant stylists in the world… and I never ask him to make my coffee!

Successfully Spooky Shoot

After some series of pictorials, let’s have a break with an ad campaign shoot. This is one of my favorite because it was actually quite fun to do :) Not just because one of the model looks like Joe Jonas… but also because Kohzo Jeans let us explored the concept from the start with lot of freedoms (unlike many other brands). The shoot started early morning, at some old motel that already closed down. Although Luki Ali, the photographer, said that the place is haunted (made us wanna finish as fast as we could before dark) we still managed to take some great pic. Husein Yunior did the makeup and hair for the models Simona, Anastasia and… Joe Jonas :b

Trilogy ELLE Birthday Issue - Part 3

The final chapter called The Land of Dream, it captured the part of the journey when our two characters arrived in America. After the shocking colours in the previous shoot, we wanted to explore some softness hues that symbolize the dream of America. The photographer, Arseto Adiputra helped us with the props, successfully turned an empty studio into a whimsical and dreamy set. Diana Ross did a soft and beautiful makeup that we love. At the end it was an unforgettable collaboration between me and Anindita Saryuf… just for ELLE Indonesia, Happy Bday :*

Trilogy ELLE Birthday Issue - Part 2

The 2nd chapter is Expedition Monsoon, it was when Fogg and Passepartout reached India. All the exotic vibrant colours was framed by the famous photographer Dustin Humphrey. Actually we shoot it in Bali… with the elephant that love to sneeze in Taman Gajah Gianyar. After the shoot we were so exhausted but yet still exited… and off course smelled like an elephant ;b

Trilogy ELLE Birthday Issue - Part 1

This project was for a special edition of ELLE 2nd Birthday in 2010. Me and Anindita Saryuf did some collaboration for the trilogy of pictorials. Our worked based on the famous Jules Verne book “Around the World in 80 Days” and we divided it into 3 part of stories.

The 1st chapter called The Platform of Adventure was describing Phileas Fogg and Passepartout (we adjusted the main character in the female models) was planning to start the journey around the world. Julius Bramanto took beautiful pictures in the old train station near Tanjung Priok and Sano Wahjudi has been such a dear doing the hair and makeup.

The Place Next Door

This pictorial was shoot just beside ELLE office. I was looking for an under construction site, then when it started giving me headache (the permit difficulties) I just realized that the neighbor office just got renovated :))) Timur Angin did this shoot with Kimmy Jayanti as the model and Indra Tan did the makeup. We did the shoot in a top speed, so I could go back and finished pile of articles back in my desk in a blink…

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Begining of a Beautiful Friendship

This whimsical shoot is my all time favorite! It was the beginning of many beautiful collaborations and wonderful friendship with Luki Ali, the photographer.  At first I had a little doubt as I knew that Luki's work quite dark while I consider myself a creature of light. We had an awkward meeting, many confused conversations as I couldn't read his expression either he liked the idea or not. But when we started texting and sent some pictures we like, the barrier just disappeared. The shoot was super fun as it was taken in the middle of 'kampong' and many people came to see the 'bule' girl. They asked 1001 questions. My fav one is "Is it for gardening magazine, mbak?" and of course I answered yes ;)

This project was for ELLE spring edition 2010, and got featured in