Friday, 28 March 2014

NurZahra Fal/ Winter 14-15 Layers of Fidelity

Okay... this was the turning point of NurZahra that took us to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week TOKYO 2014... Everything was like in a blinking eyes... the concept, the collection production (clothes, scarf, Yongki Komaladi shoes, Litany accessories ) the look book shoot, the prep for the show... suddenly we were in Shibuya Hikarie backstage... ready for the show. The after show review was GREAT :))) and off course the NurZahra team (Windri, Me, Luki, Eddy and Mas Fafa) totally happy and overwhelmed with it *although we still need to carry lots of baggage back home to Indonesia by our self *oouuwwhhh

Here some shoots for the look book (need to thanks Ira for the hat, Chobita for the help and Dewi for the makeup and also mas Dedi and Coky for cheering us up ;) )

Rosaphora Rockstar Fall/ Winter 2014

This campaign was for Rosaphora, which high light their fall/ winter collection to glitz up the end of year. Most of the outfits were fashionably party look, from pretty peplum lace top, classy tuxedo to luscious leather pencil skirt. It was photograph by Luki Ali (@lukimages) and Romy help me for the makeup. Zeline was the model for this campaign. Rock on Rosaphora!

Nurzahra Folk Solitude Spring/ Summer 2014

This project was one of my favorite because we were not just created a campaign or look book, but all concept for NurZahra in preparation for Jakarta Fashion Week 14. Windri Dhari, the designer of Nurzahra, collaborated with me as Fashion Stylist and Luki Ali (@lukimages) as the Creative Director in creating new image for the easy, fashionable, up dated moslem wear for women. I've got help from the lovely Eddy Komala and Chobita as Fashion Assistants,  Ira for the Hat and Hijab Stylist and Romy for Makeup and Hair.

The shoot was crazy *campaign, video, look book... The buyers exhibition was stunning *the booth & mini shop... The show was a success *I guess, well you can check the review ;b

It was crazy fun...  *should i said FUN :))))

DEW Magazine Issue #9 Local Issue

This pictorial was taken in my hometown, Bandung, at an oldies sport club called Bumi Sangkuriang. The outfits were from label Nikicio Fall/ Winter 2013, one of the up rising Indonesian young designer. Teuku Ajie, the photographer, was looking for the place that has lots of trees and good natural surroundings so I suggested this place. Tania Ledesma working in the melancholic makeup and wavy hair, and the beautiful blond model Tereza Valtova made the every single shoot so lovely.