Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Fasten Your Seatbelt, Please!

After being chased by giraffe and almost became an elephant pancake from the last shoot, Julius Bramanto and I decided to make a free animal photo shoot. So, I came out with the story of Amelia Earhart. "What we need is just an open field full with antique airplane!" I thought. Well, he found one and we thought it would be an easy bitsy shoot... but then it rained all day, together with heavy winds and thunders. Even I couldn't get out from the changing room because the water flooded. At that point Jul and I just looked at each other and laughing. I said "Well, no drama no fun!" while cleaning one of the LV sequined boots full of mud. But then we managed to take many quick shoot in between the rain and I still love how it came out. Yes, we successfully flew out from the bad weather! 

About Romance

I always find Timur Angin name is quiet romantic (now I can imagine his silly grin  -_-' ) and this is one of his lovey dovey work for ELLE. It took place in one of the forest near Bogor, I kinda like the ambiance with the falling leaves and the mist. For your information, the mist was so difficult to make! It made Randy (Timur Assistant) coughed all the time because the machine often burst out a heavy uncontrollable mist. But anyway for the result, I think I'm right... Timur and Romance had chemistry ;)

Monday, 20 December 2010

Meet Monsieur Bensimon

Gilles Bensimon... yes, I did a photo shoot with him :) It was during his visit to Indonesia as International Creative Director for ELLE and he managed to do a fashion shoot for us.  One simple studio shoot with the whole Elle team effort (including my chief ed came). A bit nervous at the beginning but with everybody there... what to worried about? ;)

No Drama, No Fun!

I'll tell you one of those stories that only happened when I had a photo shoot with Julius Bramanto. There's always drama in it! This one was the first time I worked with him... from the start we already had trouble with one of the male model that have to cancel the shoot for a commercial ad. Then we got lost on the way to Tanjung Priok Pier and arrived quiet late. After that when we thought we r ready, all the lighting equipment didn't work so we had to use only natural light (and the time was clicking fast). But... it came out great! Thanks to Julius (who tried to be very calm), my team (Anin and Vega), the very professional models and mas Indra Tan that non stop fixed the melted makeup from the super hot weather. Oh... me and Julius still doing many shoot later on for ELLE with piles of drama awaits, including being chased by Giraffe to the shoot with non stop storm and rain!


Speed and Light

This shoot was inspired from the movie Speed Racer. I came out with the idea of speed and light and Nicoline Patricia, the photographer captured it in very modest way. Lov the model, Diana from VTM agency and I adore how David (ELLE graphic designer) came out with  a nice layout design :)

Sunday, 5 December 2010

London Calling

There were times when I missed London... this was one of those days. ELLE chief editor asked me to do a story about black… while my mind was miles away between those cloudy sky and gloomy day near Kensington Street. So I made a story about Mary Poppins in grey colour version. I got help from a young artist Wahyu Ganiswara, who painted all the London Landmark in just 3 days *I bet he didn’t sleep at all. Sam Nugroho was the photographer for this fashion shoot and Indra Tan did the hair and makeup. After the shoot… I missed London a bit less *well, not really

When We Decided to Dance

I watched MTV and saw Kanye West-Love Lockdown music video, since then I just can't get it out my head *yes,just like the song. So I talked to one of my fellow photographer Agustinus Sidarta, to make a tribal inspired photoshoot for ELLE. The difficulty was to find a real tribal outfit for the male model, me and assistant fashion editor Vega Afidick had to borrow it from a group of tribal dancers at TMI. Adrian Suryapradipa and Olivia Pinkan did a marvelous job with the makeup and body painting, so the female model  Kimmy Jayanti, looked stunning and the male model, a soccer player for Indonesian Soccer League, Saphau Lassi looked cool *like him! He was a bit nervous at the beginning but not for long... as the song played during the shoot, we all danced!

The ELLE Era

So, for the last 3 years I’ve worked for ELLE Indonesia as Fashion Editor. Just recently I resigned and become a freelance stylist... it was fun worked for ELLE! Miss the team so much... I even still remember how crazy my desk looked like  ;b 

My student work

I found this today... pictures of my PgDip project when I studied for my MA Fashion Design degree in Kent Institute of  Art & Design. Some BA students took the pic and did a little styling. I think it's kinda cool for 2002, don't you?

The Androgyny Twins

One of my fave fashion spread back then, when I worked as Fashion Editor for Cosmopolitan Indonesia. Me and Bret Prasetya (the photographer) chose the twins Icha Ichi for the models. It was super hot, because the shoot took place at the car junkyard located in South Jakarta. But after the hustle and bustle, at the end we really liked the outcome picture… Happy :)

Saturday, 4 December 2010

The day I found Natasha

This is one of my earliest works for Cosmopolitan Magazine Indonesia in 2003. As I recalled it was the first time I made a fashion spread with Natasha as the model. Love her! She has that angelic dolly look that works for the shoot. This fashion spread was photographed by Hadi Cahyono, makeup and hair stylist by Adrian Suryapradipa

So I better start now...

Ok, they said it so... i'll start now... will put my game face ;)

xx Gege