Monday, 20 December 2010

No Drama, No Fun!

I'll tell you one of those stories that only happened when I had a photo shoot with Julius Bramanto. There's always drama in it! This one was the first time I worked with him... from the start we already had trouble with one of the male model that have to cancel the shoot for a commercial ad. Then we got lost on the way to Tanjung Priok Pier and arrived quiet late. After that when we thought we r ready, all the lighting equipment didn't work so we had to use only natural light (and the time was clicking fast). But... it came out great! Thanks to Julius (who tried to be very calm), my team (Anin and Vega), the very professional models and mas Indra Tan that non stop fixed the melted makeup from the super hot weather. Oh... me and Julius still doing many shoot later on for ELLE with piles of drama awaits, including being chased by Giraffe to the shoot with non stop storm and rain!


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