Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Begining of a Beautiful Friendship

This whimsical shoot is my all time favorite! It was the beginning of many beautiful collaborations and wonderful friendship with Luki Ali, the photographer.  At first I had a little doubt as I knew that Luki's work quite dark while I consider myself a creature of light. We had an awkward meeting, many confused conversations as I couldn't read his expression either he liked the idea or not. But when we started texting and sent some pictures we like, the barrier just disappeared. The shoot was super fun as it was taken in the middle of 'kampong' and many people came to see the 'bule' girl. They asked 1001 questions. My fav one is "Is it for gardening magazine, mbak?" and of course I answered yes ;)

This project was for ELLE spring edition 2010, and got featured in